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Hip Stitch is your #1 Singer Featherweight store, specializing in sewing machine restoration and custom painting services for Singer Featherweight 221 and 222 models. We also offer completely restored Singer Featherweights for sale. You've seen us in Quilt Sampler Magazine, trust us to work on your Featherweight or to create the machine of your dreams.

Highly collected and loved by quilters and sewists alike, the Singer Featherweight has a wonderful retro style, stitches beautifully and is perfectly portable to take to sew-ins, quilting classes and retreats.

Design your custom sewing machine from one of our newly refurbished Singer Featherweights or choose from a limited selection of painted Featherweight 221's for sale. Our inventory is always being updated, so check back often.

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Singer Featherweight Restoration Services

Our in-house technician Jeremi has decades of experience fixing sewing machines of all makes and models, is an expert on universal sewing machine workings and holds several manufacturer certifications. 

Jeremi personally tests every Singer Featherweight and rebuilds each vintage sewing machine to assure your Featherweight is in top running condition. In fact, we restore our machines to better-than-new condition. It's not uncommon for the stitching speed of a Featherweight to increase by more than 25% when Jeremi is done fine-tuning.

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Custom Painted Featherweights

Glossy, Chromatic, Metallic, Pearl, Candy – the paint choices are as endless as your imagination.

We will work with you each step of the way to make sure your restored Featherweight is painted the exact color of your dreams — we even do custom detailing that would make a hot-rodder proud. The artistic workmanship, decal placement, and fine attention to detail by our nationally known, award-winning custom painter makes every one of our Featherweights a swoon-worthy, prized possession.

We can also paint shears, snips and pinks to match your custom machine. All our painted scissors include free lifetime sharpening.

Need A Little Inspiration? Visit our Featherweight Photo Gallery.

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