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Semi-Annual Clearance Sale


(Frequently Asked Questions)

How long is this sale going on?
Three glorious weeks!

Is everything in the store on sale?
Nope. We intend to clear space. We manage inventory by computer and turn it fast -- fresh fabrics, always. Slightly older, like day-old bread, is bargain priced.

Is everything 75% off?
Not at the start. There are 3 tiers of savings: 25%, 50% and 75%. Each week, we'll send fabric down to the next tier until all that's left is 75% off.

Why am I not seeing any frequent shopper points accumulate during this sale?
Just a reminder, frequent shopper dollars are for regular priced items only. This is a sale (and a great one, at that!)

Why in the world are you doing this? Are you closing the store?
Of COURSE not, silly! We vow to keep only the freshest fabrics in the store, so if it's been here over a year, it is time for it to clear. No birthdays for bolts!
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