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Jerry's Jellyroll Jig

Invented by Cindy of Hip Stitch, this device can cut as much as one-third off your sewing time in the making of a jellyroll rug. By forming your workpiece as you go, you'll not only get a more precise product, you'll save your hands from cramping and be able to turn out more jellyroll strips faster.

Jerry, a retired Sandia Labs engineer, is filling his retirement with 3D printing as well as trips to National Parks and testing of easy chairs.

Here's what Roma Lambson, designer of the best-known Jellyroll Rug Pattern has to say:

Jerry’s Jellyroll Jig is available direct from Hip Stitch, Fat Quarter Shop, Annie’s and RJ Designs Etsy Shop. It’s also available at wholesale through Moda/United Notions and Checker. If your local quilt shop doesn’t have it yet, ask them to carry it. They’ll be glad you did.


Roma Lambson, the author of the best known Jellyroll Rug Patterns says:

"As the creator of the official Jelly-Roll Rug pattern & the subsequent pattern series, I have been sent many sample tools to ease the sometimes tedious & painful folding process of making the fabric & batting tubes used to make the Jelly-Roll Rug for my endorsement & review. 


"The Jellyroll Jig is absolutely amazing & the most handy little tool to go hand-in-hand with my patterns!


"If your Jelly-Roll Rug fabric & batting tube is lopsided or off kilter & you've thought that making a Jelly-Roll Rug just isn't worth it, this little Jellyroll Jig has changed many crafter's entire outlook on the whole Jelly-Roll Rug making process. They are 100% worth it, easy to use and provide amazing results!"


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How to use Jerry’s Jellyroll Jig:
1. Layer your Katahdin batting and fabric
2. Use the plastic strips with the rough side toward the batting and fabric, with about an inch extending past the edge of the fabric sandwich.
3. Pinch the plastic strips to start the batting and fabric through the jig, forming the folded workpiece. Once started, set the strips aside for your next use.
4. Slide the jig down with one hand and fold with the other hand as you stitch your workpiece together. For instructional videos, go to:

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