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Get Ready to Get Blue with Indigo Dyeing

In this class you will learn several different Shibori folding techniques to create beautiful patterns on fabric with Indigo Dye.

What is Indigo Dyeing?
An old Japanese dyeing technique that typically involves folding and binding cloth to create patterns and then dipping it into an Indigo vat. Whatever is used to bind the fabric will resist the dye, resulting in areas of the cloth that take the distinctive blue color, in patterns created by resistance, while other areas of the cloth remain white.

Indigo Dyeing is truly amazing, as every piece you dye is one-of-a-kind.  The magic of watching the oxygen in the air slowly turn the fabric blue when you take it out of the Indigo vat, and then unfolding the fabric to reveal the results, is magical!
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Get Ready to Get Blue with Indigo Dyeing

$ 60.00
price include supplies but not the fabric.