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Albuquerque's Top Shop for sharpening your sewing scissors and pinking shears

Jeremi Chavez, formerly of Abbey Lane sharpening scissors, pinking shears
Jeremi Chavez, the Hip Stitch sewing machine mechanic and sewing scissor sharpening expert uses the world-class, best in the industry Wolff sharpening system.

Jeremi's Wolff Professional "Twice as Sharp®" machine makes sharpening your shears fast, easy, and precise. Equipped with a 100 grit sharpening wheel to sharpen the shears you entrust to him quickly, it also includes a 600 grit honing wheel designed to polish the edge so it will be 2 to 6 times as sharp as when it was brand new! The professional honing wheel is designed specifically for high quality fabric shears.

Jeremi's "Twice as Sharp®" scissors sharpening system is fitted with an arm and clamp assembly that sets the precise angle on your shears, scissors or pinks. This allows him to confidently sharpen your shear, or scissor to the exact angle best suited to your needs. His in-depth sharpening manual lists many of the best angles for each different style, so you'll be cutting effortlessly and with precision.

Jeremi's training produces quality results every time!

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