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Sewing Machine Repair & Service


Does your sewing machine need fixing?  Whether it's just running rough, or if your sewing machine stops mid-stitch, come to us. Our professional sewing machine repair technician has decades of experience. We'll have you sewing again in no time.

Jeremi worked for several years as a medical equipment technician in the hospital in Taos, so he knows how to keep your machine safe from Covid-19. Our "contact-free" drop off makes your experience safe and easy. Click HERE and fill in your details, we'll be ready to receive your machine anytime during store hours -- from 10am to 3pm, Monday through Saturday.

We're sure to exceed your expectations with top-notch customer service and competitive pricing.

$25 Estimates
$99 Basic cleaning and tune-ups
Complete tear-downs
Full restoration services

He repairs a variety of mechanical sewing machines; however, Jeremi does not work on:
Bernina computerized machines, Viking machines, sergers and embroidery machines.

Drop off your machine (or pick it up) at our repair shop in Albuquerque, NM any time the store is open -- 7 days a week!

Or give us a call at 505-821-2739.

Jeremi Chavez may be Albuquerque's most experienced sewing machine repair technician.
Jeremi Chavez is a factory certified sewing machine mechanic who has been working on machines for more than 25 years.

He has serviced virtually every type of sewing machine, including embroidery machines, box stitchers, toy sewing machines, commercial sewing machines and home sewing machines just like yours.

His experience includes maintenance of industrial sewing machines, where down time means lost money -- so he knows how to turn your machine around quickly and cost-effectively.

That's why many of his repairs are so much more affordable and done so much faster than you may have encountered at other places.