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Our Multi-point Restoration Process

All machine parts are removed for inspection

  • replace needle bar
  • replace presser foot bar

Motor inspected, cleaned and mechanically serviced

  • motor speed checked
  • motor temperature checked for overheating

Entire assembly properly prepared for painting

  • solvent cleaning
  • sanding
  • primer coat
  • color coats and clear coats as specified
  • reassemble and tested for perfect stitching

Every Featherweight restoration includes:

  • New belt
  • New LED bulb
  • New felt drip pad
  • 5 bobbins
  • New red felt spool disk and spool spring
  • New bed cushions, as needed
  • New foot pedal cushions, as needed

Your satisfaction is our utmost goal. We warrant all parts on machines with a new motor installed for one year. Our enhanced and extended warranty covers all parts and labor for five years for just $500.

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Custom Painted Featherweight- Machine Included- Choose your own color