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Cozy Strip Club - No-Measure Bargello

Designed by Wendy Mathson

A Cozy Strip Club Pattern Designed for 2½" Strips

Now you can make this stunning Bargello quilt out of 2 ½" strips without the fuss of measuring or using charts for fabric placement! With Wendy Mathson’s brilliant technique, you just collect a strip set that has pairs of identical strips (2 each of 20), arrange for a pleasing effect adding background. Then use her paper guide for easy secondary slicing and no-need-to-worry organization! You know how to create the waterfall wave effect simply by following the arrows on the guide! Thinking is minimal!

We are so pleased to add this pattern to the Cozy line up of creative ways to use 2 ½" strips!! What kind of Bargello will you create?

Make a Baby/Lap, Throw or Twin with this technique… just remember, that you need sets of two identical strips.