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Custom Painted Featherweight- Machine Included- Choose your own color

Let us know what color you'd like a machine painted.  We'll provide one for $2199 - this includes a full tune up, new motor, belt, LED light bulb, new foot pedal/power cord and solid paint color of your choice, as well as a new manufactured foot pedal and 6 bobbins. Sparkle and specialty paint, chrome handwheel, and Scroll faceplates are additional to the base cost. We also offer some specialty paint add ons like pearl, candy apple, glitter, and color change.
FREE Shipping.

Entire assembly properly prepared for painting

  • solvent cleaning
  • sanding
  • primer coat
  • color coats and clear coats as specified
  • reassemble and tested for perfect stitching

Call to order: (505) 821-2739