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Enchanted Medallions- Indigo

“Experience fuels my creative spirit. Enchantment arose from my experience of the magical color, intricate designs, and generous people I discovered in and around Marrakech. The colors of the city are intense and vibrant, from the rugs to the spices, they can’t be ignored.

I absorbed the patterns surrounding me in the Moroccan tiles, wood and gypsum carvings, and paintings, and tried to capture the scenes that resonated with me in photos. Outside the city, Anima Gardens, is an oasis of color and art. I was encircled by thousands of green hues, textures, and vibrant, colorful sculptures. Every inch of the landscape was a feast for the eyes. I was captivated by the intricate tiles at our small lunch café and by the amazing contrast of the desert with the bright woven camel rugs during an afternoon camel ride.

Block printing with the young ladies of Project Soar - who use affirmations at the beginning of every session: I am Strong, I am Smart, I am Capable, I am A Leader, I am A Feminist - reminded me of my own words of affirmation. This collection is my physical representation of these personal inspirations and experiences. I hope Enchantment inspires your own creative experience.” — Valori Wells on “Enchanted”