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Flour Sack Dish Towel: Chile Roaster - Red

Have you ever been to New Mexico in fall? Well, you're in for a treat because fall is the time when our famous green chile gets roasted and the air fills with a sweet, fragrant smell that makes any New Mexican take a deep breath, smile and say "Aaaaaahhhhh!" You may not know this about us, but we love chile on everything. The only decision we have to make  every day is whether it should be red or green chile. Hence the question on the dish towel: Red or Green? If you go to any New Mexican restaurant you'll be asked that question. Some people stick to their favorite and never switch;  others prefer "Christmas" and pile on both. The two chiles have very distinctive flavors so you need to try them both, and some years one is far hotter than the other, but you'll figure that out!

Once the chiles are roasted, take them home and spend the next few hours peeling the charred skin off of them and packing them into freezer bags.  Don't scratch your nose or touch your mouth while doing this; you've been warned! Another piece of advice: don't imagine that you can go to the supermarket in spring and buy some fresh roasted chile, they won't have it, you must get it fresh in fall and buy enough to last all year!

 Our team of screen printers hand prints, cures, folds, and tags each towel with care.  With 101 uses, these versatile towels are highly absorbent, lightweight, and won’t leave lint on your glassware. Our customers swear by them! They’ll make a colorful addition to any home and when you shop with Kei & Molly you'll be supporting our mission of creating solid jobs for refugees and immigrants.

100% cotton flour sack dishtowels, made by Kei and Molly:  Specs:  Towel Size: Approximately 29”x29”
Printed Image Size: 14”x19”
100% Cotton / Imported from Pakistan
Hand-printed in Albuquerque, NM, USA using water-based, eco-friendly inks