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Grow Wild Quilt PDF

The Grow Wild quilt is inspired by the concept of lovingkindness and, when cultivated, its ability to transform barren land into a field of wildflowers. In Buddhism, metta meditation is the practice through which this compassion is cultivated toward both ourselves and others by concentrating on kind phrases and goodwill. In our often fractured and antagonistic world, sowing seeds of metta means more connection, beauty & love within and all around us - who wouldn’t benefit from that?

More about the Grow Wild pattern:

  • Skill Level: Confident Beginner - This pattern involves half rectangle triangles (HRTs), and explicit instructions are included so that any HRT first-timer can create with ease.

  • Instructions for Baby, Throw, Twin, Queen & King sizes included

  • Instructions for a “Standard” version + various fat quarter friendly versions

  • Yardage width-of-fabric & fat quarter cutting diagrams help with efficient cutting and get you sewing sooner

  • Coloring sheet to help get you started, with sample mockups for inspiration

  • Downloadable PDF